I have known Kris for over 12 years and have worked with him on numerous transactions throughout that time. Kris has a vast amount of experience in Structured Finance and has an extensive knowledge of the market, products and people in the industry.

He is responsive and organised in his approach to deals and is passionate about his work. This is best shown in the way that he really drives a deal forward. When Kris says he will do something, you absolutely know that this will be done. Kris can be a tough negotiator (and I have been on the receiving end of this once or twice) but he is fair, loyal and respectful. He is determined and never one to shy away from a challenge. He is someone I would want in my corner.

I’ve known Kris for over 15 years and have worked alongside him on numerous projects and transactions. In that time he has demonstrated that he is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of a sophisticated Treasury function both strategic and day to day.

He has an excellent track record in running large complex projects including, wholesale funding transactions in the RMBS, Covered Bond and senior unsecured markets as well as ALM projects such as EMIR implementation and LIBOR transition. He has well developed project management skills and an ability to work with the various stakeholders and professionals service providers to reach the best possible outcomes.

Kris has a very good understanding of the wider market and regulatory environment enabling him to be a strong strategic decision maker and executor. Overall Kris is an experienced and reliable leader and capable of enhancing a team in almost any Treasury project.

I’ve known Kris for many years, and in the last decade we have engaged on a number of different projects.

These included a substantial asset sale and its subsequent securitisation, where Kris’s input and engagement throughout in what was a landmark transaction for both parties was invaluable in closing the trade and instrumental in establishing a milestone for the sector. Subsequent to this, Kris has led the structuring and marketing of a substantial number of securitisations, funding the origination of several billion pounds of mortgages, where we have engaged to a significant degree as an investor across the capital stack on multiple occasions.

I’ve known Kris for over 10 years, formerly as Head of Capital Markets at Coventry Building Society and more latterly as Director of Treasury at Paratus AMC. In that time we have worked together on over a dozen transactions raising over £5bn in funding.

In my dealings with Kris, he has exhibited a wide range of knowledge and considerable experience, across all aspects of the capital markets. His approach is pragmatic, straightforward and commercially minded and his trades demonstrate an outstanding ability to read a market and optimise outcomes.

At the core of this is Kris’s skill at engaging with investors which has always been a key part of the success of each transaction.

Over the more than 10 years I have known Kris he has shown immense integrity, commerciality, capability and leadership in executing billions of pounds in transactions with me, in multiple currencies, in multiple formats from Senior Unsecured and Covered Bond transactions in his time as Head of Capital Markets at Coventry Building Society; to structuring private finance solutions and multiple publicly sold securitisation as Director of Treasury at Paratus AMC.

Kris consistently demonstrates strategy and depth of financial market knowledge in getting best results for the organisations he has worked for.