I can help support you in the development of all aspects of a modern Treasury.

My services include:

  • Supplementing your Treasury function with funding, project and development support on a daily rate basis
  • Acting as a Non-Executive Director specialising in Financial Services Treasury and Funding and the associated strategy and risk management.
  • Acting as a Retained Advisor, providing ongoing support and advice.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Establishment and development of all major funding programmes both secured and unsecured including Securitisation, Regulated Covered Bonds, Medium Term Notes, Capital and Mezzanine Finance including ongoing programme obligations and associated legal requirements.
  • Transaction and programme structuring including collateral efficiency e.g. vertical securitisation versus horizontal.
  • Portfolios purchase and sale and forward sale arrangements.
  • Investor reporting and relations including presentations and roadshow support.
  • Meeting the reporting and other requirements of the Rating Agencies.
  • Market liaison using my established network of key contacts from regulators, banks, lawyers, trustees, derivative providers, Rating Agencies and the investor community.
  • Risk management, notably determining risk appetite, Interest Rate Risk Management and the use of derivatives to mitigate this, foreign exchange risk and associated legal documentation (ISDA’s, CSA’s etc.).
  • Repo, term repo and reverse repo arrangements including associated legal requirements (GMRA’s).
  • Balance Sheet optimisation, managing capital and liquidity efficiency.
  • Use of Bank of England facilities and the Sterling Monetary Framework.
  • Retail product support and development.
  • Offshore funding and mortgages.
  • Reporting to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting.