We can help support you in the development of all aspects of a modern Treasury.
Our services include:

  • Acting as a Non-Executive Director, specialising in Financial Services and Treasury.
  • Acting as a Retained Advisor, providing general support and advice.
  • Supplementing your Treasury function with project and development support on a daily rate basis.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • The creation of a Treasury function from inception including the development of a control environment, functional segregation and treasury policies;
  • Process review of existing treasury practices and procedures;
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting;
  • Reporting to internal and external stakeholders
  • Use of derivatives for managing interest and foreign exchange risk including associated legal documentation (ISDA’s, CSA’s) and EMIR compliance;
  • Liquidity planning and management;
  • Repo, term repo and reverse repo arrangements including associated legal requirements (GMRA’s);
  • Capital management and efficiency;
  • Collateral management and efficiency;
  • Use of Bank of England facilities, DWF, OMO etc:
  • Retail product support and development;
  • Offshore funding and mortgages;
  • Establishment and development of all major funding programmes including Medium Term Notes, Regulated Covered Bonds and Securitisation including ongoing programme obligations and associated legal requirements;
  • Transaction and programme structuring, review and conception;
  • Meeting the reporting and other requirements of the rating agencies;
  • Portfolios sale and forward sale arrangements;
  • Capital and accounting de-recognition
  • Investor reporting and relations including presentations and roadshow support;
  • Market liaison using our established network of key contacts from regulators, banks, lawyers, trustees, derivative providers, rating agencies and the investor community.